The Zaans Museum is located at the Zaanse Schans in a contemporary building. The industrial design of the building fits in well with both the collection of the museum and the unique history of the Zaan.


The Zaans Museum at the Zaanse Schans is situated in a modern building. The industrial design of this building is as unique as the museum collection which details the history of the Zaans region.


Temporary exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, films, lectures, special activities for children: throughout the year Zaans Museum presents an attractive activity program for the whole family.


The Zaans Museum offers companies and private groups the possiblity of holding business and private receptions, meetings and symposiums, with or without catering. Other possibilties are exclusive lunches, workshops and special packages.


We offer special developed educational programs for primary and secundary schools, accompanied by a museum docent. The programs are based on an active participation by the children.



Het Tsarpeter House

The Tsar Peter House is a small building with a great past. This is where Tsar Peter the Great of Russia stayed  for eight days in August 1697.